Tech Comm Profiles

These profiles of local technical writers were produced by students at the University of Alabama in Huntsville as a way to learn more about the field of technical writing and the opportunities available in Huntsville. The profiles capture a day in the life of these writers, the challenges and benefits of their jobs, and their advice for entering the field. We hope these profiles give you insight on the work technical writers do.

Denise Christa: The “Meander” to Technical Communication, by Katie Giltner

Jessica Hunter: Technical Communicator in a Small Business, by LJ Rhodes

Ted Parker: Changes from Journalism to Technical Communication, by Maximiliano Alonso

Claire Mitchel Penton: The Emergence of a Technical Communicator, by Katie Weaver

Dr. Sarah Sharman:  Writing about the Cool Stuff at Hudson Alpha, by  KaiLian Davis
Click on this link to view a video of Dr. Sharman’s profile.

Kelly Bunnell:  A Technical Communicator’s Journey as a Writer for the Military, by Erin Rogers

Rebekah Frederick:  A Tech Writer’s Journey to NASA, by Constance Lowrey

Robert McDonald:  A DoD Writer’s Perspective on the Field, by Joseph Brasher

Russ Joens:  Excitement for the Future, Leon Kennedy